Animated tab titles that
increase your sales

Boost your sales without the need for more traffic. Set the timing, customize the titles, and copy the snippet to your website!

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Try it yourself

Edit some titles, reorder them, or customize the behavior of the tab. You will see the changes reflected in real time in the preview.


↓ Your visitor's tab on trigger ↓

    New title

    Start changing titles

    Change title every

    Stop changing titles

    Retab - Animated tab titles that increase your sales | Product Hunt

    The challenge at hand

    Your tab has only 6.67% of visitors' attention

    📌On average, visitors have 15 tabs open at once. Your tab is competing for visitors' attention.

    The way forward

    Re-engage visitors after they switch tabs

    ✅Take advantage of the space you have in the visitor's browser to create animated titles that will attract the visitor's attention and increase your sales.

    Yes, It's that easy!
    No experts needed

    How it works

    1 minute no-code setup

    🌎 Add your website

    Enter your website URL, which can be the landing page of your website, or a specific path such as “/cart” or “/shop/laptops”. Create different behaviors for each route.

    ✏️ Customize It

    Enter the title sequence, choose when it starts playing, how long the loop lasts and how fast it happens. Be as subtle or creative as you want!

    🤑 Get more sales!

    Copy the script tag to your website, be it html, wix, shopify, wordpress, bubble, etc. Yes, Retab works on any website! Use the same script on every route of your website.


    Boost your salesnow!

    ↓ Limited time 70% Launch discount applied ↓



    For hobbists

    1 Website

    5 Retabs per website

    Customize Retabs

    Lifetime Access

    Pay once, use forever

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    All-in package

    Unlimited Websites

    Unlimited Retabs

    Customize Retabs

    Lifetime Access

    Pay once, use forever


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • With Retab, you receive a powerful tool that allows you to animate and customize the titles of your website's tabs. This customization helps to capture the visitor's attention when they switch to other tabs, increasing their conversion rate.
    • An animated tab title refers to a sequence of dynamic and eye-catching titles displayed on your website's tab. With Retab, you can create animated tab titles that attract visitors' attention, encouraging them to return to your site.
    • Retab is compatible with various website platforms, including Wix, Shopify, WordPress, Bubble, Webflow, and more. Regardless of the platform you use for your website, you can easily integrate Retab by copying and pasting the provided script tag.
    • Yes, with Retab, you can create multiple customized tab titles for different pages or routes on your website. This allows you to tailor your tab titles to specific sections of your site, for example, offering a discount on the "/checkout" route if the user has been absent for a few minutes.
    • No, they will only be applied to the routes you have defined. This allows you to create different titles and behaviors for different routes of your website.
    • No, both Retab Starter and Unlimited are one-time payments and give you lifetime access. No subscriptions or hidden costs.
    • No, the setup process for Retab is quick and simple, usually taking less than a minute. Simply enter your website URL, customize the tab titles, and copy the provided script tag to your website. No coding skills are required, making it accessible to users of all technical levels.
    • If you want to use Retab on multiple websites, you can upgrade to the Unlimited plan. This plan allows you to enjoy all the features of Retab on an unlimited number of websites.
    • Retab can increase your sales by re-engaging visitors who have switched to other tabs in their browser. By customizing attention-grabbing tab titles, Retab helps bring back lost visitors to your website, increasing the conversion rate and boosting your sales.

    Turn lost visitors
    into customers. Today!